Lord of the Deep - First Chapter 

The Isle of Mists, in the Eastern Archipelago

Principalities of Arcus


Meg saw the seals from her window, their silvery coats rippling as they thrashed out of the sea and collected along the shore. She’d seen them sunning themselves on the rocks by day, and watched them frolic in the dusky darkness from that dingy salt-streaked window in her loft chamber many times, since her exile to the island. But not like tonight, with their slick coats gleaming in the moonlight. Full and round, the summer moon left a silvery trail in the dark water that pointed like an arrow toward the creatures frolicking along the strand, lighting them as bright as day. Meg’s breath caught in her throat. Behind, the high-curling combers crashing on the shore took on the shape of prancing white horses that disappeared the instant their churning hooves touched sand. In the foaming surf left behind, the seals began to shed their skins, revealing their perfect male and female nakedness. Meg gasped. It was magical.

Her heartbeat began to quicken. She inched nearer the window until her hot breath fogged the glass. The nights were still cool beside the sea—too cool for cavorting naked in the moonlight. And where had the seals gone? These were humans, dark-haired, graceful men and women with skin like alabaster, moving with the undulant motion of the sea they’d sprung from in all their unabashed glory. They seemed to be gathering the skins they’d shed, bringing them higher toward the berm out of the backwash.

Mesmerized, Meg stared as the mating began.

One among the men was clearly their leader. His dark wet hair, crimped like tangled strands of seaweed, waved nearly to his broad shoulders. Meg followed the moonbeam that picked him out with her eyes, followed the shadows collecting along the knife- straight indentation of his spine, defining the dimples above his buttocks, and the crease that separated those firm round cheeks. The woman in his arms had twined herself around him like a climbing vine, her head bent back beneath his gaze, her long dark hair spread about her like a living veil.

All around them others had paired off coupling, engaging in a ritualistic orgy of the senses beneath the rising moon, but Meg’s eyes were riveted to their leader. Who could they be? certainly not locals. No one on the island looked like these, like him, much less behaved in such a fashion. She would have noticed.

Meg wiped the condensation away from the windowpane with a trembling hand. What she was seeing sent white-hot fingers of liquid fire racing through her belly and thighs, and riveting chills loose along her spine. It was well past midnight, and the peat fire in the kitchen hearth below had dwindled to embers. Oddly, it wasn’t the physical cold that griped her then, hardening her nipples beneath the thin lawn night smock and undermining her balance so severely she gripped the window ledge. Her skin was on fire beneath the gown. It was her finest. She’d worked the delicate blackwork embroidery upon it herself. It would have seen her to the marriage bed if circumstances had been different. If she hadn’t been openly accused a witch on the mainland, and been banished to the Isle of Mists for protection, for honing her inherent skills, and mentoring by the shamans. No. The raging heat was building at the epicenter of her sex—calling her hand there to soothe and calm engorged flesh through the butter-soft lawn…at least that is how it started.

She inched the gown up along her leg and thigh and walked her fingertips through the silky golden hair curling between, gliding them along the barrier of her virgin skin, slick and wet with arousal. She glanced below. But for her termagant aunt, who had long since retired, she was alone in the thatched roof cottage. It would be a sennight before her uncle returned from the mainland, where he’d gone to buy new nets and eel pots, and collect the herbs her aunt needed for her simples and tisanes. Nothing but beach grass grew on the Isle of Mists.

Meg glanced about. Who was there to see? No one, and she loosened the drawstring that closed the smock and freed her aching breasts to the cool dampness that clung stubbornly to the upper regions of the dreary little cottage, foul weather and fair.

Eyes riveted to the strand, Meg watched the leader of the strange congregation roll his woman’s nipples between his fingers. They were turned sideways, and she could see his thick, curved sex reaching toward her middle. Still wet from the sea they’d come from, their skin shone in the moonlight, gleaming as the skins they’d shed had gleamed. They were standing ankle deep in the crashing surf that spun yards of gossamer spindrift into the night. Meg stifled a moan, watching the woman’s hand grip the leader’s sex, gliding back and forth along its rigid shaft from thick base to hooded tip. Something pinged deep inside her watching him respond…something urgent and unstoppable.

Her breath had fogged the pane again, and she wiped it away in a wider swath this time. Her breasts were nearly touching it. Only the narrow windowsill kept them from pressing up against the glass, but who could see her in the darkened loft? No one, and she began rolling one tall hardened nipple between her thumb and forefinger then sweeping the pebbled areola in slow concentric circles, teasing but not touching the aching bud, just as the creature on the beach had done to the woman in his arms.

Excruciating ecstasy.

While the others were mating fiercely all along the strand, the leader had driven his woman to her knees in the lacy surf. The tide was rising, and the water surged around him at mid-calf, breaking over the woman, creaming over her naked skin, over the seaweed and sand she knelt upon as she took his turgid member into her mouth to the root.

Meg licked her lips expectantly in anticipation of such magnificence entering her mouth, responding to the caress of her tongue. She closed her eyes imagining the feel and smell and taste of him, like sea salt bursting over her palate. This was one of the gifts that had branded her a witch.

When Meg opened her eyes again, her posture clenched. Had he turned? Yes! He seemed to be looking straight at her. It was almost as if he’d read her thoughts, as if he knew she was there all the while and had staged the torrid exhibition for her eyes alone to view. She couldn’t see his face, it was steeped in shadow, but yes, there was triumph in his stance, and victory in the posturing that took back his sex from the woman’s mouth. His eyes were riveting as he dropped to his knees, spread the woman’s legs wide to the rushing surf, and entered her in one slow, tantalizing thrust, like a sword being sheathed to the hilt, as the waves surged and crashed and swirled around them.

Still his shadowy gaze held Meg’s relentlessly. For all her extraordinary powers of perception, she could not plumb the depths of that look as he took the woman to the rhythm of the waves lapping at them, laving them to the meter of his thrusts, like some giant beast with a thousand tongues. She watched the mystical surf horses trample them, watched the woman beneath him shudder to a rigid climax as the rising tide washed over her—watched the sand ebb away beneath the beautiful creature’s buttocks as the sea sucked it back from the shore. All the while he watched her. It was as if she were the woman beneath him, writhing with pleasure in the frothy sea.

Captivated Meg met the leader’s silver-eyed gaze. She could almost feel the undulations as he hammered his thick, hard shaft into the woman reaching his own climax. Meg groaned in spite of herself as he threw back his head and cried out when he came.
She should move away from the window…But why? He couldn’t see what she was doing to herself in the deep darkness of the cottage loft…could he? All at once it didn’t matter. A hot lava flow of sweet sensation riddled her sex with pin pricks of exquisite agony. It was almost as if he were stroking her nipples and palpating the swollen nub at the top of her weeping vulva, as she rubbed herself slowly at first, then fiercely until the thickening bud hardened like stone. She probed herself deeper. She could almost stretch the barrier skin and slip her finger inside riding the silk of her wetness—as wet as the surging combers lapping relentlessly at the lovers on the beach. A firestorm of spasmodic contractions took her then, freeing the moan in her throat. It felt as if her bones were melting. Shutting her eyes, she shed the last remnants of modest restraint, and leaned into her release.

The voyeuristic element of the experience heightened the orgasm, and it was some time before her hands gripped the windowsill again instead of tender flesh, and her gaze fell upon the strand below once more. But the silvery expanse of rockbound shoreline edged in seaweed stretching north and south as far as the eye could see was vacant. The strange revelers were gone!

Meg tugged the night shift back over her flushed breasts, though they ached for more stroking, and let the hem of the gown slide down her legs hiding the palpitating flesh of her sex. Her whole body throbbed like a pulse beat, and she seized the thrumming mound between her thighs savagely through the gown in a vain attempt to quiet its tremors, and made a clean sweep through the condensation on the window again. Nothing moved outside but the combers crashing on the strand. But for the echo of the surf sighing into the night, reverberating through her sex to the rhythm of fresh longing, all else was still.
No. She hadn’t imagined it. The naked revelers mating on the beach had been real—as real as the seals that frequented the coast. Selkies? Could the shape-shifter legends be true? She’d heard little else since she came to the island.

Meg didn’t stop to collect her mantle. Maybe the cool night air would cure the fever in her flesh. Hoisting up the hem of her night smock, she climbed down the loft ladder, tiptoed through the kitchen without making a sound, and stepped out onto the damp drifted sand that always seemed to collect about the door sill. Nothing moved but the prancing white horses in the surf that drove it landward. Water horses? She’d heard that legend, too, innocent looking creatures that lured any who would mount them to a watery death. Real or imaginary, it didn’t matter. The people she’d just seen there having sex were real enough, and she meant to prove it.

The hard, damp sand was cold beneath her bare feet as she padded over the shallow dune toward the shoreline. The phantom horses had disappeared from the waves crashing on the strand, so had every trace that anyone had walked that way recently. There wasn’t a footprint in sight, and the sealskins Meg had watched them drag to higher ground were nowhere to be seen, either.

Having reached the ragged edge of the surf, Meg turned and looked back at the cottage beyond, paying particular attention to her loft window. Yes, it was close, but there was no way anyone could have seen her watching from her darkened chamber. Then, why was she so uneasy? It wasn’t the first time she’d touched herself in the dark, and it wouldn’t be the last, but it was the best, and there was something very intimate about it. The man who had aroused her somehow seemed familiar, and yet she knew they’d never met. Still, he had turned toward that window and flaunted himself as if he knew she was watching, exhibiting his magnificent erection in what appeared to be a sex act staged solely for her benefit. Moist heat rushed at her loins ripping through her belly and thighs with the memory.

Meg scooped up some of the icy water and bathed the aching flesh between her thighs. She plowed through the lacy surf where the lovers had performed—to the very spot where the mysterious selkie leader had spent his seed, trying to order the mixed emotions riddling her. Absorbed in thought, she failed to feel the vibration beneath her feet until the horse was nearly upon her. It reared back on its hind legs, forefeet pawing the air, its long tail sweeping the sand. Meg cried out as recognition struck. There was a rider on its back. He was naked, and aroused. It was him, with neither bridle nor reins to control the beast, and nothing but a silvery sealskin underneath him.

He seemed quite comfortable in the altogether, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to sit a horse bareback, naked in the moonlight. She gasped and gasped again. The horse had become quite docile, attempting to nuzzle her with its sleek white nose as it pranced to a standstill. She didn’t want to look at the man on its back, but she couldn’t help herself. He was a beguiling presence. As mesmerizing as he was from a distance, he was a hundred times more so at close range. Now, she could see what the shadows had denied her earlier. His eyes, the color of mercury, were dark and penetrating, slightly slanted. Somehow, she knew they would be. And his hair, while waving at a length to tease his shoulders in front, was longer in back and worn queue fashion, tied with what appeared to be a piece of beach grass. How had she not noticed that before? But how could she have, when he’d made such a display of himself face forward? Besides, her focus was hardly upon his hair.
Her attention shifted to the horse. At first she’d thought its mane and tail were black, but upon close inspection, she saw that they were white as snow, so tangled with seaweed they appeared black at first glance. But wait…what had she heard about white horses whose mane and tail collected seaweed? A waterhorse! The phantom creature of legend that seduced its victims to mount and be carried off to drown in the sea…But that was preposterous. Nevertheless, when its master reached out his hand toward her, she spun on her heels and raced back toward the cottage.

His laughter followed her throaty and deep, like an echo from the depths of the sea itself it crashed over her just as the waves crashed over the shore. The sound pierced her through like a lightning bolt. The prancing horse beneath him whinnied and clamped ferocious-looking teeth into the hem of her night shift giving a tug that brought her to ground. She landed hard on her bottom, and the selkie laughed again as she cried out. Plucking her up as easily as if she were a broom straw, he settled her in front of him astride.

“You cannot escape me, Megeleen,” he crooned in her ear. “You have summoned me, and I am come. You have no idea what it is that you have conjured—what delicious agonies you have unleashed invoking me.” His breath was moist, and warm; it smelled of salt, and the mysteries of the Otherworldly sea that had spawned him. “Hold on!” he charged, turning the horse toward the strand.
“Hold onto what?” Meg shrilled, “he has no bridle—no reins!”
Again his sultry voice resonating in her ear sent shivers of pleasure thrumming through her body. “Take hold of his mane,” he whispered.

His voice alone was a seduction. He was holding her about the middle. Her shift had been hiked up around her waist when he settled her astride, and she could feel the thick bulk of his shaft throbbing against her buttocks, riding up and down along the cleft between the cheeks of her ass. The damp sealskin stretched over the animal’s back, like a saddle blanket underneath her, felt cool against Meg’s naked thighs, but it could not quench the fever in her skin, or douse the flames gnawing at the very core of her sex. The friction the horse’s motion created forcing the wet sealskin fur deeper into her fissure triggered another orgasm. Her breath caught as it riddled her body with waves of achy heat. She rubbed against the seal pelt, undulating to the rhythm of the horse’s gait until every last wave had ebbed away, like ripples in a stream when a pebble breaks the water’s surface.

In one motion, the selkie raised the night shift over her head and tossed it into the water. Reaching for it as he tore it away, Meg lost her balanced. His strong hands spanning her waist prevented her from falling. Their touch seared her like firebrands, raising the fine hairs at the nape of her neck. The horse had plunged into the surf. It was heading toward the open sea, parting the prancing phantom horses galloping toward shore.
Salt spray pelted her skin, hardening her nipples. Spindrift dressed her hair with tiny spangles. The horse had plunged in past the breakers to the withers. Terrified, Meg screamed as the animal broke through the waves and sank to its muscular neck.
“Hold on!” he commanded.

“I cannot,” Meg cried. “His mane… it is slipper with seaweed.”
All at once he lifted her into the air and set her down facing him gathering her against his hard muscular body, his engorged sex heaving against her belly. How strong he was! “Then hold onto me,” he said.

“W-who are you?” Meg murmured.

“I am called Simeon…amongst other things,” he replied. “But that hardly signifies…” Heat crackled in his voice. Something pinged in her sex at the sound of it.

He swooped down, looming over her. For a split second, she thought he was going to kiss her. She could almost taste the salt on his lips, in his mouth, on the tongue she glimpsed parting his teeth…But no. Fisting his hand in the back of her waist length sun-painted hair, he blew his steamy breath into her nostrils as the horse’s head disappeared beneath the surface of the sea.

Meg’s last conscious thought before sinking beneath the waves in the selkie’s arms was that she was being seduced to her death; another orgasm testified to that. Weren’t you supposed to come before you die? Wasn’t it supposed to be an orgasm like no other, like the orgasm riddling her now?

The scent that ghosted through her nostrils as she drew her last breath of air was his scent, salty, laced with the mysteries of the deep, threaded through with the sweet musky aroma of ambergris

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